When Night Falls in Melbourne


Most of us know about the unique, and unforgettable attractions Melbourne, Australia has to offer. The lush Botanic gardens, spiritual Shrine of Remembrance and authentic museums top the list as some of the most visited places. Though they are all “must see” attractions, what happens once night falls, and the doors close? Melbourne offers just as many night life options as it does in the daytime. From drinks and meals to outdoor movies, we’ve got you covered.


Crown Casino


With everything including live entertainment, sporting event screenings, bars, 29 restaurant options, and gambling, this is a one stop spot that stays busy long past bedtime. Did I mention shopping? Clothing stores from well-known designers stay open later for your indulgence. During the holidays, the casino decks the halls and menus with spectacular traditions, only found here.


The Comics Lounge


Laughter is universal, right? For a hysterical night out, consider The Comics lounge. Pub style food and drinks make it a great group spot. Locals have become regulars to this lounge because of reliable stand up gigs and a mellow atmosphere. Don’t forget to look at the “dinner and show” deals which are raved about as a great value for a fun show and satisfying meal.


Spice Market


The atmosphere alone is enough to visit this neat after dark attraction. Dim lighting, retro seating, and a medieval vibe explains where the name spice market came from. Big functions can be hosted here, but small ladies nights, and even cocktail making classes are unforgettable. Spice Market has a way of transforming the atmosphere to make you forget about time and location all together, they also offer great happy hour pricing with upscale bar eats such as sliders.


Curtain House Cinema and Bar


If you are fortunate to be visiting Melbourne in the summer season, you must attend a show on the 7th floor rooftop of Melbourne’s CBD. Indie films, cult classics and unique independent releases play across the big screen as you soak up a special night surrounded by city lights under a starlit sky. As per Rob from http://bestfloorsandingmelbourne.com.au/ , Cold beers, Astro Turf flooring , and comfortable seating completes the vibe.




This little gem is tucked away in a side alley of Melbourne, quite fitting for such a unique dining experience. Best known for their assortment of $9 franks and walls decorated in stickers and words that aren’t quite politically correct, this bar will get you the dogs, brews and burgers you crave, complete with live music and hopping crowds.


The Last Jar


Steak, seafood and beers aren’t the only thing The Last Jar is best known for, the atmosphere is just as craved as the entrees. True to the history of pubs, this bar has an old-world feeling, that is said to transport you decades back throughout history the moment you step inside. The authenticity and character make it a wonderful spot to unwind and relax with your mates.


As you can see, the charm and loveliness of Melbourne, Australia doesn’t fade as the sun sets, some may argue that the real attractions shine at night.